About us

Our Team of experts, researchers, technology enthusiasts & agronomists work together to build a solution which revolutionise the way crop cultivation is done today.

18+ years of entrepreneurial experience.

Found the first LED Lighting company in India (2006) and made it the largest and Sold it to Havells Group

Global Relationships in large scale electronic manufacturing, funding etc.

Expertise in Electronics designs, Mechanical designs and large-scale manufacturing.

20+ years of experience in Agri & Agritech

Sales and Marketing Personnel with expertise in Agricultural sector and Public Relationships

Well connected with India Agri Sector and Agri Sector Experts

Very well connected with the grass root network of Indian agriculture

17+ years of entrepreneurial experience

Expertise in AI, technology, product development
Built, Scaled & Sold multiple startups.

Well connected with industry across the globe

Built, Scaled & Sold multiple startups.

20+ years of Agri & Agritech experience

PhD in Agri. Held multiple R&D / Product dev role in Seed Industry

Expertise in seed, cultivation, plant geneticsWell connected with India Agri Sector