Taking crop cultivation to the next level

Planto is a suite of tools to help you yield maximum benefits out of your farming efforts.

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Plant Quality

Identification of plant quality, diseases, infection & pests.

Weed Separation

Identify & remove weeds from good seedlings.


Recommend & deliver optimum growing environments & factors for crops.

  • Mobile Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Hardware Solutions
  • Analytics Tools

Analyse germination & Vigour

Analyse each seedling growth and analyse its germination % and vigour.


Identify diseases & remedies

Identify disease infections in plants at an early stage and take necessary Steps to cure.

Weed Identification

Find weeds and remove them from field before it affects other plants.


Know the infections

Get to know the different infections that may affect or have affected your crops and get immediate remedies to avoid spread.

Optimal growth

Make sure your crops get optimum growing conditions, minerals & nutrients.


Who We Are

Our Team

Our Team of experts, researchers, technology enthusiasts & agronomists work together to build a solution which revolutionise the way crop cultivation is done today.

What you get

New & never before seen insights from your crops & seedlings

Faster attention & remediate for diseases & infections

Quality crop cultivation

Optimal plant growth

Expert recommendations


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